PEOPLE who can fulfil Christ’s call to “preach the gospel to all nations…” in our time_
Our conventional NPI pioneers have been working effectively in off-line spaces for more than ten years and continue to do so. However, the effectiveness of conventional pioneering is limited where fewer indigenous pioneers are available for deployment or our target people are isolated due to political or religious restrictions.
Now, with mobile digital technology, we can provide the best protection possible for pioneers working in these hostile places and the isolated people they are called to reach. Plus, mobile, digital technology and internet access allows working to a scale and scope where two or three pioneers per country can, combined, be equipped to minister to thousands in hundreds of online spaces and offline places.
In the Digital Age, Pioneers and their sending churches could be local, national, or international — or a combination.
Our intention is to play our part in this Great Commission by sending out and supporting Pioneers who can evangelise, disciple, and mobilise people from groups that are yet to be significantly impacted by the gospel.
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